Pit Properties Guide service was established in 2017. We are a group of friends that met through our passion of waterfowl hunting. In 2009 we put our first pit blind in the ground. We soon realized that it is our favorite way to hunt. Our pits provide meticulous concealment on the outside, and comfort on the inside. This makes our hunts more successful and enjoyable.
Over the years, with the help of some very generous farmers and landowners, we have been able to create a hunting experience that combines an optimal chance for hunting success with warmth and comfort to accommodate hunters of all ages.
We know that a lot of hunters don’t get to spend the amount of time in the field as they wish they could. We appreciate those who choose to spend that time with us and are dedicated to making each hunt special.  The thrill of watching birds decoy and making memories with friends and family is the reason that we do it.
When the weather gets cold and the snow starts flying you will find us underground. We will be brewing a pot of coffee and discussing how to set the decoys. We will be frying bacon on the grill and anticipating the next flock of birds. We would love for you to come join us!